Our Mission

We are visual storytellers. We create compelling content while building a community that embraces and develops new talent. We will change the face of our industry and drive creativity, innovation, and value. We are honest and courageous with our clients, employees, partners, and freelancers.

We grow from our experiences and strive to drive excellence in our product. We actively find opportunities to merge new talent and seasoned professionals to learn from one another and deliver superior creative concepts that exceed our clients' goals.

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Our Philosophy

  • Essential Production
  • Potential Production

Essential Production

This is Reality:

Production driven primarily by budget, Essential projects combine innovation and creativity to best accomplish the goals of the project while keeping within a prescribed monetary limit. Innovation is primarily focused on obtaining high quality production for a set cost. Meeting budgetary obligations is the utmost importance of an Essential Project. Ideal for smaller companies with limited budgets, Essential allows us to get creative on matching requirements and reality.

Potential Production

This is Passion: Potential Productions are an opportunity for us to stretch our wings and learn new skills. We find new, fresh talent and seasoned professionals to identify and accomplish passion projects. Primarily focused on telling amazing stories and building relationships with the community, Potential Productions combine crew interest in the subject and a willingness to learn and mentor others. Ideal for non-profits or companies that are doing amazing things to change the world within the realm that Actual Industries plays. Contact us for new opportunities or to find out about our next project.